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The main difference from other fitness clubs

Fitness clubs “LIGA” is the first modern fitness club fitness club. The first club was opened in Levandivka in 2013 as the official training base of the League of Kulturism of Lviv and the Ukrainian Federation of Bodybuilding WABBA. Now network of fitness clubs “LIGA” has two clubs, the last of which opened in the spring of 2016 on the street. Shafarika, 16A, its area is more than 500 m2. However, one should not think that fitness clubs are only for those who are preparing for the competition – on the contrary – they are so thoroughly equipped that it is quite comfortable to train both beginners and current champions. After all, the goal of the League of Bodybuilding of Lviv is not only preparation for the competition, but simply attracting as many people as possible to a healthy lifestyle.

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