Corporate program

The network of fitness clubs “LIGA” offers you mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of providing fitness services to your company.

In order to implement the corporate program, we have developed and implemented a number of interesting opportunities that allow all interested companies to actively participate in the formation of corporate-sports culture within their team.

Corporate fitness is a great way to further motivate your staff. He positively affects the emotional state of the person, invigorates, inspires optimism, satisfaction from the active way of life, forms a cheerful mood. In the process of studying physical culture and sport, the will, perseverance, courage, determination, endurance, discipline, collectivism, that is, such moral qualities that are necessary for a person in his work activity are brought up. Sporting activities reduce the number of days of disability employees and significantly increase productivity.

We will be happy to help you to unite the team in your company as a whole: to further motivate, increase employee loyalty to the company management, reduce staff turnover, improve the team’s working capacity and corporate spirit, and the level of corporate culture.

It is also important that the company that has included corporate fitness in its “social package” looks like a better competitor in the market, which means that its managers have a better chance of attracting valuable employees.

The image of the company improves, and potential business partners will see you in a stable and reliable team of professionals.

We offer you:

  • Fitness room for professional equipment Olymp & Olimp and X-Line;
  • The zone of free weights is equipped with the world brand Eleiko;
  • TechnoGym Professional Cardiozone – Running Tracks, Orbitreks,
  • Exercise Bikes, Steppers, Wavelets;
  • Functional zone TRX;
  • Fitness room and various group programs at your employees’ request.

Each corporate club card includes:

  • Subscriber’s subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months (according to the corporate agreement);
  • Unlimited visiting of the gym or attending group studios according to the established schedule (each employee independently chooses what type of fitness he wants to do);
  • Visiting infrared sauna;
    Freezing of a club card from 14 to 30 days (additional option in contracts from 6 months);
  • Rent towels at the time of training.

For each corporate client there is a flexible system of discounts:

  • From 10 employees of the company – 15%
  • From 20 employees of the company – 25%
  • From 50 employees of the company – 35%

You also have the opportunity to join new employees during the term of the collective agreement and special conditions for prolongation of club cards.

Additionally, at your request, we are ready to provide statistics about your company’s sports activity.

We strive to be as flexible as possible in terms of the cost of corporate membership, so we are ready to consider the development of corporate subscription individually for your company.

Fitness club “LIGA” invites you and your employees to take an active part in corporate fitness. After all, physical activity in life opens up new horizons before us, reveals hidden possibilities, unexpected enthusiasm, and most importantly, makes a positive in our everyday life. We are ready to please you every day, to provide personal and impeccable service to every employee of your company.

Waiting for you!!!

For any questions, please contact:

+38 097 33 77 565