Visitor must:

  • During training in the gym, you should be in sports uniforms and footwear.
  • Observe strict safety rules in the gym.
  • Keep shoes in a plastic bag (for the purity of the storage cabinets).
  • Do not bring or leave unattended children.
  • Take care of the equipment of the gym.
  • Follow the rules of personal hygiene: do not use “strong” perfumes and other substances that have excessively sharp odors; use a towel.
  • During training absent loud conversations, abusive and abnormal expressions.
  • After training, return the key to the storage of personal belongings.

Not allowed:

  • To train other gym enthusiasts.
  • To visit the gym in a drunken state, to take narcotic substances and alcoholic beverages during classes.
  • Leave valuable things and keys from the cabinet for storing personal items from the administrator.

Safety rules for the fitness club “Liga”

  1. Before embarking on any exercise, familiarize yourself with the technique of its implementation or get the necessary information from the instructor.
  2. Do not put your hands on chains, pushers or under raised cargo that provides resistance. Make sure that the selector key that fixes the weight value is fully installed.
  3. It is forbidden to touch cables, chains, blocks, encrustation or other moving parts of the simulator during exercises.
  4. Do not try to lift too much weight that exceeds your ability.
  5. Exercises using maximum marginal scales should be performed under the supervision of an instructor who provides insurance.
  6. Add discs to the barbell simultaneously on both sides. Gently unload the rod after you have finished doing the exercise.
  7. Always use locks when working with a bar to securely fix the discs on the stamp.
  8. Exercises with dumbbells and barbells should be performed at a distance not closer than 1.5 meters from the mirror.
  9. Do not throw equipment, discs, barbells and dumbbells on the floor. When the approach is finished, gently lower the load on the floor, bench or rack.
  10. During the picking-disassembly of the bar, make sure that there is no great advantage on one side, which can lead to a drop in equipment.
  11. When exercising with a rod and dumbbells, be very careful not to injure those who are involved with you.


In case of violation by the visitor of the conditions of classes or rules of conduct in the gym, the management reserves the right to terminate the action of the visitor’s subscription or to apply penalties. The visitor does not receive any refund ..

The administration is not responsible for the money and valuables that are in the cabinets for personal belongings.

The administration of the club will be grateful for the comments and additions to the rules, and will try to take into account all your wishes.